April 6, 2008

What a "Hip" Pouch That Is!

Ever since I went to a shopping event in SF many years ago, I have thought about making these little bags.  
Yes-- they do resemble the awful fanny packs that we all remember.  But these are a bit more fashion friendly and simple at the same time.   I made mine to wear when we go on hikes, dog park, farmers markets, etc.  Now its easy to bring all those unnecessary items, that I think are necessary to bring--- like my lipgloss, snack, cell phone, lotion--- as well as the things that I really do need with me.
I used this fabric (and non matching zipper) just as a practice one-- I didn't want to ruin any good fabric. 
It has one inner pocket with a key hook, and a hidden pocket in the back, to stash money or whatnot.  The belt is adjustable so it can fit any size.  

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